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Studley-Kitchen Personnel


The Rev. Allan (A.J.) Studley is the gospel man who sings, directs, writes songs and plays harp with The Inner Strength Gospel Singers, and also sings and harps for The Deep Woods Band, as well. Allan got into the blues as a youth. In 1960, his mother knew a local radio DJ who gave his family recycled 45s. A Jimmy Reed record caught his attention at the age of five, and he would listen to that record over and over. He was teased by his older brothers repeatedly about this, so he had to sneak a listen when no one was home. Studley picked up playing harmonica in 1971 during a stint with his first band "Wynter", while in High School, and he's never put it down since. He now influences fans with his mellifluous singing and harmonica playing. Allan's major musical influences are Frank Zappa, John Mayall, Cream, Savoy Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.


Having played keys and sung from early childhood, Colleen Kitchen's first gig was as a pre-teen in a church. Weaned on jazz, Colleen was classically trained and did folk/pop for fun. Through travels, parenthood, and tragedy Colleen never put aside music, picking up and playing anything. She unintentionally became a heck of a multi-instrumentalist, because, well, "Someone needs to play that!" For years active in classical and folk/Celtic scenes, Colleen adds the right style for the moment. Her influences include CSNY, Bonnie Raitt, Etta James, Linda Ronstadt, Oscar Peterson, Jorma Kaukonnen, and so many more. Colleen performs regularly as a solo jazz piano/vocalist, and is no stranger to technology. She is a regular in Starlight Crossing, leads Chuva Boa, and is sought after to sit in and/or record with other local bands from blues to Celtic. She has even been known to write an original from time to time.